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The goal of our training methods is to enhance the relationship between you, the owner, and your best friend, your dog. Each dog is different and reacts differently to training methods. There is no single method that works for every dog. Because of this, we begin analyzing, observing, testing, and collecting data regarding your specific dog. We then use this data and develop a custom lesson plan employing only the most appropriate positive techniques. This method ensures that the training methods and your dog are a perfect match. In addition, your dog has individual strengths and character traits that we build upon. This keeps the experience positive, productive and fun for both you and your pet.


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Come vist us at Pet Food Express in Sacramento!!

Intuitive Dog Training will be hosting Puppy Classes, and Obedience Classes at the Pet Food Express in Loehmann’s Plaza Sacramento, CA

Come visit me at Pet Food Express for Free Puppy Social sessions (10 to 18 weeks fo age):

· Thursday’s (No Class last Thursday of the Month) FREE Puppy Social class from 5:00pm to 6:00pm

Enrollment for Puppy and Obedience classes at Pet Food Express is now open:

· Obedience Drop-in Thursdays: Thursdays (No Class last Thursday of the Month) (6:30pm-7:30pm)

· Dog Obedience: Drop-in Saturday (4:30pm-5:30pm)

· Puppy Classes: Call to be put on the roster! classes will be on saturday at 2:30pm

Class Pricing: $75 for 6 weeks of puppy classes. and $100 for 6 weeks, or $20 per class for all other group classes.

Hurry and sign up before classes fill!


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