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The goal of our training methods is to enhance the relationship between you, the owner, and your best friend, your dog. Each dog is different and reacts differently to training methods. There is no single method that works for every dog. Because of this, we begin analyzing, observing, testing, and collecting data regarding your specific dog. We then use this data and develop a custom lesson plan employing only the most appropriate positive techniques. This method ensures that the training methods and your dog are a perfect match. In addition, your dog has individual strengths and character traits that we build upon. This keeps the experience positive, productive and fun for both you and your pet.


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AceMy name is Hannah and I am looking for a forever family to love me! I am a really neat dog. Although I cannot hear, I do not find this to be a handicap in my life. In fact, I don't let much bring me down! Always in a cheerful mood, I can liven up any crowd. Most people who meet me do not realize I cannot hear! It's funny!

There are lots of reasons to love me (yes, I can be a bit confident sometimes! ha ha), but I thought I would share with you my top 10. Here they are (please add to them in a post on my page if you would like!):

1. I cannot hear the mailman pull up outside or deliver mail in your box.

2. The garbage truck outside doesn't faze me a bit.

3. Fireworks are NOTHING to me!

4. I sleep through thunderstorms.

5. I can't hear when dogs are barking at me.

6. I will not have barking fits over the doorbell or someone knocking on the door.

7. My sense of sight and smell are exceptional.

8. Hand signals are just as easy for me as verbal commands are for the ordinary dogs. I know: Sit, Stay, Down, Come, Off, Quiet, Watch, Up, Heel. I am currently learning the commands: Touch, Target, Crawl. My foster mom set up a little course for me in the yard and is teaching me: Weave, Tire, Tunnel.

9. I live with a drummer and sleep near him while he plays. Nuff said. : )

10. I am fabulous, wonderful, unique, charismatic, comical, occasionally stubborn, zany, independent, loving, and a beauty to see.

11 If you have trouble remembering name, I'm perfect for you! You can call me anything, I can't hear you! Ha Ha

I am looking for a great connection with the right person or family. Please consider meeting me! You can email KaysCGC@gmail.com if you are interested in meeting me.





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